3i has spent two years developing the world's first low profile, wireless (inductively) powered, intelligent road marker.


iiilevel™ (pronounced eye-level) is manufactured from high-tech polycarbonates and uses energy efficient LED's. The iiilevel™ is inductively powered and has no direct wire connections! The cable is buried in the road and power is transferred via an air gap. Consequently, the system is quick and cost-effective to install and run, as well as highly durable even in the heaviest of traffic conditions.


iiilevel™ is powered by 3i Innovation power supplies which offer intelligence with a patented 2-way communications and diagnostic capability. Through the existing 3i power system, information can be sent wirelessly to control the output of each iiilevel™ light (flashing, sequencing and degrees of brightness) as well as receive data from each iiilevel™ (marker performance, road temperature and vehicle speed). The power supply itself can run up to 2km of 200 road markers from a single source, and can be powered by both mains and by a solar panel.


  • Low profile, flush mounted
  • Snowplowable
  • Fast and cost-effective installation and maintenance
  • No corrosion related effects
  • Wireless powered (inductively)
  • Intelligent
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Versatile


- Less than 4 mm above road surface
- Patented 2-way communication and diagnosis capabilities
- Visible up to 2 km (1.2 miles) away
- Dimmable, switchable
- Uniquely addressable
- Fully programmable
- High impact UV stable polycarbonate housing
- Scratch resistant coating
- Self cleaning design
- Integrated optics (one part housing)


- Light Direction: Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional
- Always on
- Flash in a range of flashing speeds and sequences
- Dimmable


LED Colours:

- Yellow
- white
- green
- red
- blue


iiiLEVEL solar

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